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Statues modeled after the Town Musicians of Bremen statue now reside in front of each of the five German veterinary schools.

The Town Musicians of Bremen: Gerda Muller

A persiflage of this tale can be found on the wall in the Fort Napoleon, Ostend, Belgium.National Institute of Opthalmology (NIO) is a super speciality eye hospital in Pune committed to delivering high quality eye care, where.

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with the action taking place in 'Brum' (short for Birmingham ) rather than Bremen. Passing the burgomaster's house he saw an old hound sitting disconsolately on the doorstep. I cannot take it here any longer said the miller's servant and sadly went on his way to take leave from the dog. I went to warm me at the fireplace, and there was an old woman washing dishes, and she threw her dishwater onto. The rooster cried down from the roof: "Cock-a-doodle-doo, cock-a-doodle-doo!" All this terrified the robber, for he had never seen farm animals that live with people, knowing instead only the wild animals of the forest. Facilities at NIO, wertheimer eye Book- everything you need to know about eyes. So one of them made up an errand, and went into the new house and asked for a light for his pipe. Then the animals discussed how they might drive the robbers away, and at last they came upon a plan. On the way to Bremen, they see a lighted cottage; they look inside and see four robbers enjoying their ill-gotten gains. "Good day, good sirs, and thanks for our last merry meeting she said. In like manner the ox ran away as well, and the three of them came together in the woods. The lord took Jack in hands, dressed him from top to toe in broadcloth, and frills as white as snow, and turnpumps, and put a watch in his fob. "I think I'll venture back says the captain, "and see if we can recover anything." "That's a good boy!" said they all, and away he went. Return to the table of contents. When I got to the kitchen fire, looking for a sod of lighted turf, what should be there but a colliach (old woman) carding flax, and you may see the marks she left on my face with the cards. The dog had served him very faithfully when he was still young, but ingratitude is the world's reward, and the man now wanted to dispose of him. "You must know we were too well off at home, and so we are going to set up for ourselves in the wood, for you know every man's house is his castle." "Well!" said the goose, "it's much the same with me where. "I am going to seek my fortune." "May I go with you?" "Yes said Jack, "the more the merrier." So on they went, jiggelty-jolt, jiggelty-jolt. The robbers jumped up at the terrible bellowing, thinking that a ghost was coming in, and fled in great fear out into the woods. After he had walked quite a way he met an old bull in the veldt. Therefore the donkey bau climbed up on the bull, the ram on the donkey, the dog on the ram, the cat on the dog, the goose on the cat, and the cock on the goose, and with one accord they all let out terrible (threatening) noises. They jumped up from the table so quickly that they overturned their chairs and whisked out the candles, while in flew the rooster, the cat, and the dog at the window, while the jackass went round and waited at the door till the robbers came. Nothing remains for me but to die, and I hope it may be soon." "Nonsense said Grayskin. Jack was afraid the robbers would come back in the night, and so when it came time to go to bed he put the cat in the rocking-chair, and he put the dog under the table, and he put the goat upstairs, and he put.

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Eyes and more bremen

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