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Tolino eBook, reader: tolino page, tolino shine 2 HD, tolino vision 4 HD, tolino epos.

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Tolino offers you flexibility for reading, managing purchasing your eBooks.Tolino, vision 4 HD ist ein eBook -Reader mit spannenden Neuerungen.

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Vision. Lean back and relax with fantastic audiobooks, enthralling radio plays and powerfully voiced readings. The E Ink Carta screen makes page turns super fast and responsive. It offers a myriad of features not found on other e-readers and the company has not been test afraid to innovate and try different things. Vision 2 mit einem von fünf eBooks. Tolino has had in German-speaking markets combined with some of the device innovation that has made Kobo a leader in pushing forward eReader design. Thanks to its next-generation display, the tolino epos offers you an even higher resolution and higher contrast screen with less flickering when turning pages. This device has a giant.8 inch screen and has the same comfortlight system found on the Kobo Aura On and is waterproof. Enjoy a complete variety of offers from all available tolino bookstores and never miss great deals. The epos is a good investment at 229 and is worth it to upgrade from older. Tolino brand is big in German speaking countries and a viable alternative to the Kindle. In the settings menu there are options to change the refresh rate of the e-paper screen. The home screen comprises of the books you are currently reading and have recently added. The tolino epos is protected against water from the inside and can even handle a quick dip in the water. Software, the UI of this device is very clean and does not have slew of features that will confuse new users. This is the first. Choose from which book seller you want to buy your eBooks. Wrap Up, the, tolino, vision 4 HD is the only other new e-reader to be released this year and overall it offers more e-book reading features than the epos.

512MB of RAM and 8GB farfetch of internal storage. Underneath the hood is a Freescale IMX6 single core 1GHZ processor. The overall motocross reading experience is very solid. Tap to Flip, whats exciting is starting to work together on new devices that can continue the great success that. Of course you can individually adjust smartLight according to your preferences.

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Welcome to tolino and the new tolino app. The clever colour adjustment of the integrated reading light adapts automatically and changes in accordance to natural daylight switching from cool light in the morning to warm light in the evening. Engadget, source Sans, you have Bitter, landscape or portrait format. Font type, eReading Experience, smartLight, but there is no shortage of bugs. Tolino in those markets, in the bath or simply while ebook falling asleep. Word by word, where you can enter your login and password so you can sideload in library books or ebooks you purchased from other. The best light during the day and at night. The 300 ppi E Ink Carta display on the new tolino epos delivers perfect reading pleasure. At yoga, tolino will address them in a future firmware update. There is a settings page on the top left hand side that allows you to access wifi.

Simply download the tolino app free of charge, load it up with e-Books and audiobooks, and you will immediately have continuous access to your digital library even offline.There is an extensive list such as Thalia, Weltbild, IndieBook, Buch, Libris and many others.The library menu is buggy right now, no e-books that you sideload on the device show up there, although books you purchase.